The Gospel Standard, a bi-monthly publication:

We are devoted to such themes as: Bible study, also the kingdom, along with Bible studies, utilizing personal effort.

The Gospel Standard, as a tool, is devoted to answering necessary questions about: how to conduct Bible studies, how Bible study, can with proper effort, obtain desired results, what the kingdom, demanding submission, really is.

The Gospel Standard, as a periodical, began its present publishing in 2006. It has helped many define objectives of Bible study, how to conduct Bible studies, utilizing their abilities to the fullest, while connecting their life with the kingdom, in the fullest sense.

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The Gospel Standard

In summation: the Gospel Standard is devoted to helping readers to richer experiences in Bible study, learn more about Bible studies, relating it all to the kingdom, devoting it all to harmony with God. The standard set, reflects serious Bible study, many Bible studies, great devotion to the kingdom, which is the conclusion of a great many other efforts.

The Gospel Standard, in order to have the widest appeal, Is offered free, as long as funds are available to maintain the free status. No salaries, office space, or non-essentials carry any expense. Funds are used for publishing, equipment, and mailing expenses. Special appeals apart from equipment and special issues, are rare. Our last special issue was well received, strongly supported, widely distributed.

The Gospel Standard is Written:

  • To exalt the kingdom, particularly as it was originally intended by God to be exalted, through Bible study, which in turn produce many more Bible studies, leading ultimately to honor God.

  • To encourage Bible studies, which eventually, encourages private Bible study, through which it raises appreciation for the eternal kingdom, another natural result of the will of God.

  • To aid in understanding the eternal kingdom,  such as stated clearly, and becomes clearer to us in Bible study, while we advance with many Bible studies, adding the virtues of Christian living.

  • To motivate to more serious Bible studies, especially among families, to motivate more serious Bible study, done by individuals, and to understand the heavenly kingdom, especially its part in living in the steps of Jesus.

  • To raise personal questions such as: do I really understand the importance of Bible study, especially of group Bible studies, along with how the kingdom, as it relates to life practice, should be imbedded in every thought and action of life?

The Gospel Standard

January-February 2014 Issue

The Gospel Standard

March-April 2014 Issue

The Gospel Standard

June-July 2014 Issue

Teaching Them to Obseve All Things Understanding the Basics  
Who Rules the People of God? What is the Mission of the Word of God? 1  
A Change Taking Place What is the Mission of the Word of God? 2  
The Parting Word The Parting Word  

The Gospel Standard

January-February 2013 Issue

The Gospel Standard

March-April 2013 Issue

The Gospel Standard

June-July 2013 Issue

Church Religion or Kingdom Rule Godliness in the Kingdom  
Consent or Seek? Having A Form of Godliness  
The Big Problem Godliness With Contentment  
The Parting Word The Godly Person  


The Gospel Standard

January-February 2012 Issue

The Gospel Standard

March-April 2012 Issue

The Gospel Standard

May-Junel 2012 Issue

Blessedness of the Pure in Heart Blessed Are the Peacemakers A Practical Look At Persecution
Maintaining a Pure Heart The Devil Opposes Peacemaking Some of the Blessings of the Persecuted Ones
Memorials It is Time to Say Enough When Are the Blessed Persecuted?
A Parting Word   A Certain Disadvantage of the Persecutors

The Gospel Standard

July/August 2012 Issue

The Gospel Standard

September-December 2012 Issue


Light Sovereignty of God  
Pass the Salt Please The Substitutionary Sacrifice of Christ  
What Happens When the Salt Has Lost its Flavor? Experiential Religion - Part One  
Parting Word Experiential Religion - Part Two  

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