The Author: Bring Hope Through the Word of God.

Charles Pledge was born November 25, 1931. He has preached since April, 1954. He is happily married to his wife sine November 13, 1965. Two of their four children still live. He grew up in Dyer County, Tennessee. He has done special work in the Rocky Mountain region for more than 26 years, with the emphasis now on radio preaching and printed material. He has written more than one hundred books, booklets, and tracts. He has served as editor and publisher of the Gospel Standard paper which began in 1973, was mothballed in 1979, was re-started in 2006 and continues. He has specific plans for thirty more books and booklets, if he should live, and the Lord wills. He streamed live audio 24/7 for about seven or eight years over the Internet. He has taught in two preacher training schools, conducted special Saturday classes for about fifteen years.

We welcome you to browse; look and see if our pledge, made to you, appears reasonable, plausible, and reflects how to walk the spiritual journey, according to our book titles. Visit our free downloads and find, if there, your spiritual journey, will also be emphasized in the articles. You will find material here, as well as in the Book section, to aid in your spiritual journey while you progress in life. That is our pledge especially to you.

Our books are designed to instruct in:

  • Travelling your spiritual journey, we help you understand how to make a pledge, which will honor God, when beginning that spiritual journey, without question, the greatest you will ever embark on.
  • Identifying dangers which lurk along your spiritual journey, showing how to overcome them.
  • Identifying specific parts of your pledge, which are designed to strengthen you on your spiritual journey, safely leading you home to God.
  • How to be a help to others in the spiritual journey, knowing that this is really a part of the pledge, made by all Christians, before beginning the spiritual journey, from here to eternity.
  • Practicing self-discipline in walking your spiritual journey, according to the pledge, made by you and all who walk the walk, to God.

Encourage to:

  • Always honor your pledge, which you made to God, live your spiritual journey, with wisdom and zeal, in order to be strong in the faith.
  • Grow in faith, love, and hope as you live your spiritual journey, continuing to honor your pledge, that you made to God.
  • Determine also to pledge, that you will also help others along the spiritual journey, because this is an integral part of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Admonish to:

  • Exhort fellow travelers on the spiritual journey, lest any fail in their pledge, which they made to God in good faith.
  • Always do your best to honor your pledge, while faithfully doing you best in your spiritual journey, leading you home to God.
  • Always be true to self as you walk in your spiritual journey, true to the pledge, which you made both to God and to self, and continue to confirm your faith.
  • Live as zealously, pray as fervently, and trust as much, in your spiritual walk, that one who has made the pledge, can trust.

Encourage asking questions like:

  • What is Christianity? How do we apply the blood of Jesus? What is the kingdom? How do we serve the Lord? Who is Christ? What did Jesus do? Why did the blood of Jesus of all blood have to be shed? And does Jesus have a kingdom? And if he does. is he Lord and ruler over it?
  • How do we learn the basics of Bible study? What being a Christian is all about. Why our bodies are living sacrifices and what are the most profitable ways to engage in Bible study and living a kingdom life and why is Jesus Lord over all?
  • When did Jesus become Lord? Why was he made Lord and upon becoming Lord what were some of his first actions related to earth and to his kingdom over which he had just become Lord?

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